Video Marketing

Steal the show with a video marketing scheme that has been tailored to suit you.

                                     Why Use Hindustan?

Some of the most informative, attention grabbing content on the web is that shared through the medium of video. The use of video marketing allows you to condense a lot of information into a small space in a short time; it optimises the use of advertisement space.

The internet is a competitive place; people are constantly battling for attention on a format that is rapidly expanding. And having an expertly crafted video is just one of many steps in achieving a successful video marketing campaign. After you’ve had a great video produced, what do you do with it next?

What else could there be? Uploading a video to YouTube and a variety of other video hosting websites simply won’t be enough to ‘spread the word’. This is where video marketing really plays its part. Through the use of advertising campaigns we can get your video priority views across a broad range of different online media.

Our creative and technical teams are experts in all areas of video production and video marketing. From script development, to design and production right through to promotion and distribution, we can talk you through all of your options and we’ll keep you updated on the progress of your video from conception right through to reception.

                                       Hidustan Methods

Video Marketing

We have scriptwriters, editors, animators, voice-over artists and actors at our disposal; we also have a team of digital media specialists that can employ your video into an advertising campaign that will expand the reach of a product or service for your customer base. Combined with intuitive promotion and placement, Video Marketing can really improve click through rates, sales and awareness.

Expand Your Reach

So why should you use video marketing? Video marketing is versatile; it can be used for email marketing and website marketing, and it can also be used for cross-platform marketing campaigns. The best part of video of course, is the audience. The majority of web users prefer watching video over reading text, this means that your message reaches a wider audience, and for those that prefer text, your website should already have that in place.
One of the main benefits of including video marketing in your advertising campaign is that video does have the capacity to go viral. Whilst there is no defined formula for creating viral campaign, producing video certainly puts you in with a shot. The power of video is almost incomprehensible. For years people have been fascinated by video, and the marketing benefits are clear.

If you need engaging content with a clear purpose, message and target audience, our team can take your ideas and turn them into a fully fledged video production, complete with a plan for promotion and distribution. The commercial world is turning to video for their new advertising campaigns, and if you’d like to join in, we’ve got a team on standby waiting to weave some magic for you.