Social Media Optimisation

Did you know there are more than 33 million Facebook users in the UK? That’s 33 million people that could be learning more about your brand all the time

                                   Why Use Hindustan?

Our Approach to Social Media

What makes social media marketing so unique is the opportunity it gives you to talk to your customers one-on-one. We’ll help you build up an online community with your audience by regularly releasing interesting posts designed to get them talking. From company announcements to industry news or just things to make them laugh, we pay attention to what gets the best reaction.

One of the best things about social media is that we’re putting you in touch with real people – people who have a genuine interest in what you do with the potential to become paying customers. We do this by researching your competitors and reading user profiles to find and follow the people who are most suitable for your business offering.

Our Methods for Successful Social Media

As well as being a valuable marketing tool in its own right, carried out successfully, social media marketing can be used to strengthen your other channels. Our social media department works closely with all other areas of your campaign to ensure that we are delivering the campaign with the most impact.

We understand that social media is still a relatively new marketing venture for a lot of companies, so we place a lot of emphasis on keeping you involved. We welcome you to review our initial posts to make sure we are both working with the same aim. Once we’ve got the ball rolling we’ll then keep you up to date on our progress and what we’ve achieved.

                                 Hindustan Methods

Sharing & Responding

All of our social media posts are timed to perfection. We look into when your users are most likely to be online to make sure they have the best chance of being seen. By regularly visiting and updating your profile we are able to respond quickly to customers with queries or feedback.

Content Creation

We appreciate that people use social media networks to unwind and relax which is why we adjust our tone of voice and language accordingly. We also vary the length and content of our posts, as well as using a blend of text, photos and even videos to make sure your page is as entertaining as possible.

Fan Growth

Our social media experts can help you accumulate an impressive number of fans and followers, and more importantly, encourage a large percentage of these to get talking. We work across a number of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus but to name a few. Why not talk to us about how launching a competition could really boost the number of users visiting your profile?