With the search engines incorporating more social signals in the search results, why would you pass up the opportunity to get active on social media?

                  Why Use Hindustan?

Our Approach to Social SEO

Digital marketing is evolving to reflect the different ways that people search, which means it is becoming more important to integrate different marketing channels within your SEO campaign. This is best illustrated by social media.

With Google incorporating more social signals within its ranking algorithms, social media is becoming an integral part of the modern SEO campaign. Regularly using platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus can not only improve your rankings but is useful for capturing your audience at different stages of the buying cycle. Here at Hindustan Digital Media, our social and SEO experts work closely together on your campaigns to make sure these two channels complement each other perfectly.

We make sure that all content posted through your social media profiles is optimised to have the maximum impact on your search engine optimisation campaign.

Our Creative Methods

Social media networks provide an excellent platform from which to interact with your customers gain trust and build relationships; things that will benefit any digital marketing strategy, but it’s also ideal for strengthening your other individual channels such as content marketing.

The reach of articles and blogs for example can be maximised by exposure gained through social media networks, helping to spread your brand values further. As with all of our services, a large emphasis of our social SEO service relies on competitor analysis, so as usual we’ll undertake a thorough investigation into what your competitors are doing in this area to shape a strategy to overtake them.


                    Hindustan Methods

Select The Right Platforms

We pay attention to the demographic of your audience, selecting the networks that provide an audience most likely to interact and engage with your brand online. We also focus on the platforms that have the biggest influence on your search rankings.

The Most Relevant, Up-to-Date Content

We share only the most interesting and relevant content with your audience, including topical issues within your industry and company updates and offers. Our social teams are also great at paying attention to what sparks a reaction from your followers.

Timed to Perfection

We’ve touched upon how intertwined social and SEO have become, but it’s not enough to simply use them both, they need to be combined in a way that helps both perform to their full potential. Part of this lies in the timing, as well as using your social networks to get the most of links included with your content.


You measure the success of your PPC and SEO campaigns so why not your social media? We work closely with you to keep you informed of your progress.