SEO On-Page

Getting new visitors to your website is great, but are you confident of your site’s usability, content and technical aspects once they arrive?

Our Approach to SEO On-Page

Successful SEO depends upon a careful blend of on-page and off-page factors. In our quest to strike this careful balance and help your site rank above your competitors, our teams will carry out work across the following areas.


Content is now one of the most important parts of SEO, which is why we pay such close attention to this particular area. When you come on board with Hindustan Digital Media, your site audit will highlight any issues with duplicate content which can have a dramatically adverse effect on your rankings. Having a great website is need of an hour, however ensuring the quality doesn’t suffer is equally important.

We’ll also check the quality and quantity of your existing content, providing fully optimised additional copy where it is needed, designed to have the biggest impact on both the search engines and your visitors.

Meta Data

Meta data is still an important part of SEO; it’s the best way of giving Google accurate signals as to which searches your site is most relevant for. Our experienced SEO professionals will examine your meta keywords and descriptions, paying particular attention to your titles.

We make sure all of your meta data follows best practice guidelines, creating natural and appealing titles and descriptions as well as including the most effective header tags within the body of your content. Each and every element of on-page tags will be carefully checked and prepared as per Google’s algo, to ensure website stays healthy.


Our Methods


SEO is becoming all about user experience. Older, out-dated techniques to manipulate the search engines have been phased out in favour of high quality websites that offer visitors the best results for any particular search.

Our technical teams will carry out a full analysis of your site to help make it as user friendly as possible, concentrating on things like URL structure as well as page loading speeds and 404 errors. Not only will this assist your website in the ranking process but it will work towards improving your conversions.


Attractive images are a great way of capturing the attention of your visitors. During our analysis of your website, our web teams will advise on the quality of your images, and ensure that these all have alt text. This is so that Google can read them correctly.

Once all on-page SEO work has been completed, we will focus our attention on the off-page factors that can really propel your SEO campaign.