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There are thousands of elements that can affect your website’s performance in the search engines. Are you confident that your website is working as well as it possibly could?

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Without a full SEO healthcheck it can be difficult to establish just why your website doesn’t perform as well as you’d like it to. This makes it almost impossible to make the necessary adjustments that will see your site welcome more new visitors and sit higher within the search positions.

There are quite simply hundreds of factors that can affect your website’s performance, from insufficient content levels to low quality links or coding issues, so it is imperative to understand the areas which need improvement.

You could find that your website is harbouring serious accessibility or functionality issues or you may discover that there are just a few tweaks to be made to help get your site to its best. We take a look into several different areas to provide you with a clear and personalised report into the performance of your website.

Competitor Analysis

In order to overtake your competitors online it is vital to understand the key differences between your site and your competitors’ sites. We’ll run a comprehensive analysis of those at the top of your industry and explain how your site compares.

This report may cover a number of areas including on-page and off-page factors as well as content and even their use of social media networks. The most successful SEO campaigns are built upon detailed research and analysis. Understanding the level and nature of work required to occupy these top positions allows you to build a structured and effective campaign.

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Our free SEO healthcheck covers a range of topics including these 4 key areas:

User experience is becoming an increasingly important aspect of SEO. We’ll take a look at everything from your website loading speed to site navigation to see what could be deterring your customers from making that final purchase. We’ll also examine more intricate details of your accessibility that could affect your website in the view of the search engines such as internal linking errors.

We get a bit more technical in this stage, using industry software to identify indexability problems such as non SE) friendly URL structure and use of sitemaps as well as content duplication issues. Your report may also look at your use of robots.txt.

On-page Factors
On-page SEO is crucial to the success of your website and covers a number of areas. Our free SEO healthcheck takes a closer look at some of the aspects that can have the biggest influence on your overall campaign including the quantity and quality of your content as well as your meta data and text to html ratio.

Off-page Factors
A large part of off-page SEO will involve your linking profile. Our healthcheck takes a close look into your linking activity, examining the trust and authority of your links as well as the balance of anchor text your site uses. Leaving no stone unturned we’ll even examine things like your number of unique IP addresses and class c subnets.