Remarketing Campaigns

Why wouldn’t you want to target consumers who have already shown an interest in your business? Our targeted ads help you to attract the most valuable consumers.

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Our Approach to Remarketing Campaigns

Your paid search campaign needs to be cost-effective, it needs to give you the best return on your investment and it needs to focus on providing the best conversion rates.

Our Google AdWords Qualified professionals can help you achieve this using remarketing. When an ad is more relevant to someone’s interests or previous activity they are much more likely to revisit your site and spend money. Best of all it allows you to target not just those who have already visited your site, but consumers who have spent time on a specific page. There are three main types of remarketing; dynamic remarketing, display remarketing, and remarketing lists for search ads.

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic remarketing is ideal for tailoring your ads to precisely what your audience actually want to see, through the use of past information from your Google AdWords account. As well as a friendly reminder about items they may have liked in the past, it also allows you to suggest other products that might be of interest to them, keeping your brand fresh in their mind and helping to boost your conversions.

By allowing us to manage your dynamic remarketing, we can contextualise your ads, presenting your users with different products or calls to action based on a page’s context or location.

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Display Remarketing

Using display remarketing you can track down customers who’ve previously shown interest in your business and show them relevant ads across the Google display network. As such a vast network, you can reach a large portion of the users on your remarketing lists. It’s also a great way of allowing you control over when you reach these people, whether it be monthly, weekly or even several times within one day.

It is even possible to generate customised list combinations to allow you to reach the right customer at the right time, you can even choose from a variety of banner sizes. We’ve got specialists in all areas of remarketing who are thorough, precise and analytical, helping you to get the best ROI from your campaign.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) is another feature allowing you to customise your ads campaign for those who have previously visited your website or converted. More to the point, it allows you to tailor your bids specifically towards this group of people.

It’s particularly useful for targeting people who leave your site without buying anything, such as those who abandon shopping carts for example. Not only can you reconnect with these people but it allows you to bid on keywords and phrases you wouldn’t usually for customers who have recently visited your website.

Our paid search specialists are experienced across all forms of remarketing, and can use one type alone or a combination to help you create more sales.