Press Release Writing

Reach a wide audience and communicate with your customers using high quality press releases which captivate your readers and improve your rankings.


                                   Why Use Hindustan?

Press releases are no longer limited to the print and broadcast forms – online PR has an increasingly important role in the visibility and perception of your brand. Millions of people are searching online each day, and making sure that your press release is reaching high in the search engine rankings is a great way of ensuring your brand’s visibility.

Releasing press releases online allows your company to rapidly respond to the latest news and inform your customers, helping to keep your business current. Whether you wish to use press release to update your customers on company developments, to comment on interesting news, or to engage with your readers, our team can create a wide range of press releases which are tailored to your company’s needs.

Regularly releasing new, interesting, and relevant content is a valuable tool in reaching a wide audience, increasing brand awareness, and creating an online presence. Offering valuable publicity for your brand, our PR team can craft well-written press releases that help plant your brand firmly in your customers’ minds. Whether you are using press releases to communicate important information to customers or to comment on the latest news, our team can create fresh and interesting press releases that draw readers to your website.

Not only can compelling content draw readers to your website, but well-optimised content can help improve your rankings in the search engines. Google algorithms favour content that is useful to readers, so releasing well-written and well-optimised press releases will captivate your audience and naturally rank above others in your sector.

                                 Hindustan Methods

Content Creation

Our PR team will research your field and closely follow the latest industry developments to ensure your company is responding to the right stories. Creating compelling, interesting, and useful content, our PR team can write a wide range of press releases that are guaranteed to spark your customers’ interest and improve the visibility of your website.

Press Release Distribution

Your press releases will be distributed to a variety of online news sites to increase the visibility of your brand and capture potential customers’ interest in your company. Working closely with the other elements of your campaign, we make sure that your press releases have a wide reach and will connect with as many people as possible.

Improve Your Rankings

The main role of PR is to provide information to readers online, but press releases have a valuable role to play in improving your search engine rankings. Using their knowledge of SEO, our PR team can ensure that not only are your press releases compelling, interesting, and useful to customers but will naturally rank above others in your industry.

Driving traffic to your website and improving your rankings, the right PR strategy can help your brand communicate effectively with a broad audience online and build your brand awareness.