Pinterest Management

67% of consumers consider clean, detailed images to carry more weight than product information, and what better way to showcase these images than on the picture-based sharing network, Pinterest?

                                      Why Use Hindustan?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but if you run a very visual business you’ll know this already. What you might not know is that by promoting your brand on Pinterest, your efforts are 10% more likely to lead to a sale than on other social networks. Furthermore, Pinterest users also tend to spend more on average.

But why is this? By its very nature, Pinterest is different to other social networks, and this in turn makes its user base particularly unique too. Whilst Pinterest might not have amassed quite as many users as Facebook or Twitter yet, it does have a very active, engaged audience, with the average user spending longer on the network per visit. It also has a more wealthy demographic than its social competitors.

In essence, Pinterest has carved out a very niche space for itself in the market. Best suited to B2C industries, its success as a marketing tool relies on attractive images and shareable content. It also favours those with a largely female audience, with its users mostly female and aged between 25-34. This said, there are a number of sectors that perform well within the network, including home, fashion and beauty, food, travel and anything child-focused.

                                     Hindustan Methods

Create content

More than simply sharing photos of your products, Pinterest requires a well thought out strategy that makes use of different forms of content, including infographics, shots of special events and behind the scenes images. Our social media team have an astute eye for what works well on the network and will ensure that only the highest quality, up to date and relevant images get posted.

Build followers

Research has shown that 83% of active users prefer to follow a brand than a celebrity, and this needs to be used to your advantage. From sharing the right content, to following the right people, and ensuring you have the appropriate social buttons on your site, we’ll work with you to build up your audience.

Heighten visibility

Whilst Pinterest has a great track record for converting social users into paying customers, it’s not all about making sales. With the average image being re-pinned eleven times, the potential when it comes to increasing your visibility is not one to be ignored. More than just exposure within Pinterest itself however, with search engines now ranking sites based on social conversations too, you could be complementing your search positions at the same time.

Create product advocates

With such a dedicated and engaged user base, it makes sense to take advantage and nurture the interest of your target audience. It’s about listening to your followers as well as talking at them, and we can help you develop an online community who are happy to be advocates for your brand and its products.