Organic Search

With the first page of Google receiving more than 89% of your potential customers, why would you want to be anywhere else?

                                        Why Use Hindustan?

Our Approach to Organic Search

Our creative SEO approach uses technical insight, analysis and sheer determination to get you on to page one of Google.

We optimise your site for the search engines, through analysing how they work and the behaviour patterns of those who use them and this method has seen us creating successful SEO campaigns across all industries for a number of years.

Our SEO strategy aims to satisfy both human users and search engines. The depth of our industry knowledge helps us build a strong and varied collection of links whilst our customer understanding makes sure everything we do is focused around your target audience.

It could be easy to get carried away with the technical side of search engine optimisation, but we never lose sight of your customers in any of the work we carry out.

Our Methods of Successful Organic Search

The work we carry out involves a careful blend of on-page and off-page factors.

From selecting the most profitable search terms to make sure your site is compliant with search engine guidelines and optimising your meta data, our team have the technical proficiency to ensure your site has the best chance of living up to its potential.

We then concentrate on off-page work such as high quality content development and distribution to improve your site’s natural positions within the search engines whilst also building relationships with your audience.

We understand you want results and a solid return on investment. That’s why our specialists are always measuring their success and analysing how they can make it better.

We then report this to you clearly and simply, stating what we’ve achieved and what we will do next.

                                        Hindustan Methods

Content Marketing

Google’s recent algorithm updates have made it even more important to focus on well-written informative text for those who want to sit at the top of the search engines. That’s why our SEO strategies and dedicated copywriting team can provide a mixture of website copy, articles, blogs and press releases that will not only push your site up the SERPs but impress a few potential customers too.

Brand Management

Unfortunately the internet is rife with negative comments, whether warranted or not, which is why it is important to manage your reputation. Our pro-active approach means we can tackle any bad comments before they even arrive, through outweighing them with positive content, in the form of articles, blogs and press releases.

Social Integration

With Google integrating more and more social content into its search results, SEO and social media are becoming inseparable. To make sure we provide you with a successful search campaign our team are thinking about the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and how we can use these to our best advantage within the search engines.

Aside from better visibility, these platforms give you a great opportunity to engage with your audience on a more personal level.