Multi-Channel/Multi-Device Marketing Strategy

Reach your customers at every stage of the buying cycle with a multi-channel and multi-device marketing strategy that engages customers wherever they are.

                                   Why Use Hindustan?

Marketing doesn’t just consist of targeting one group of people through one channel anymore, and that means that developing an effective multi-channel and multi-device marketing strategy has become one of the most important tools for reaching potential customers and targeting them in more creative and effective ways. Multi-channel marketing involves reaching potential customers at every stage of the buying cycle so as to impact their choice more effectively, and uses a range of marketing tools such as search engine optimisation, content and social media.

Your multi-channel marketing strategy with us will allow you to directly influence potential customers at optimal points in their buying process, from initial introduction to ultimate purchase, and this is done through various channels across multiple devices. Research has indicated that multi-channel customers spend up to four times as much as single-channel ones and this is why utilising all of your channels into one cohesive force can greatly benefit your business. Different customers are more comfortable with different channels or devices, and trying to appeal to all of them can reap huge rewards.

Potential customers are everywhere, and our multi-channel/multi-device marketing strategy will help to target them more efficiently using a plan that caters to your specific needs. We tailor our service to your requirements, and this means that you are guaranteed to get the best results possible. Without this strategy in place, it’s highly likely that your customer base will be diminished and, by taking advantage of the huge variety of tools on offer, you can attract many more customers through one cohesive voice delivered through an array of channels in ways chosen by the consumers themselves.

                                  Hindustan Methods


Multi-channel and multi-device marketing is only most effective when it features one consistent voice seeking to reach customers across platforms and mediums, and we can offer this kind of cohesive marketing strategy developed with you to target a specific market in ways most suitable for your business model. Each of your campaigns will work together in a way that produces the best results, and this can build a level of trust in your customer base or audience that will prove incredibly valuable.


With Hindustan, you will never be left in the dark about how your campaigns are progressing, and choosing to develop a multi-channel/multi-device marketing strategy with us means that you will always be informed about how your business is progressing. We always keep an eye on how things are developing so that we can pass the information on to you, and you’ll always be aware of what’s working and how exactly your customers are reaching you through your marketing campaigns.


Our team includes experts in every part of digital marketing and optimisation, and your multi-channel and multi-device marketing campaign will benefit from this expertise and experience. This includes dedicated team members for social media, content and much more, and your campaigns will be taken care of by highly skilled professionals well versed in all areas of multi-channel marketing.