Mobile PPC

Almost a quarter of all paid ad clicks now come from mobile devices, which is why it is important to customise your ads for these users.

                                   Why Use Hindustan?

The Benefits of Mobile PPC

It is predicted that by the end of the year, a quarter of all paid clicks on Google’s results page will come from mobile devices. Smartphones are changing the way your customers search, and it is important to adapt your pay per click campaign to take this into consideration.

At Hindustan Digital Media we specialise in creating unique paid search campaigns that target mobile devices, by reviewing your keyword selection, adjusting ad text and targeting landing pages which are optimised for mobile.

It goes without saying that searching on a mobile device is substantially different to searching on a desktop. Not only does the format alter, but the keywords and user intention are different. The level of competition as well as who your competitors are may also change.

When it comes to mobile users, it is even more important to occupy the highest position possible. With only two ads on top and three at the bottom, we go above and beyond to make sure your customers are seeing your ad, monitoring your bid closely at all times. Costs per click on mobile on average are lower than on a desktop and best of all, click through rates have a tendency to be higher.

As people becoming increasingly dependent on their smart phones, it is essential to capitalise on this. Our mobile PPC experts are highly specialised in their field as well as being Google AdWords qualified. Having created many successful mobile PPC campaigns across a vast range of industries you have the confidence of knowing you’ve partnered the right people.


                                    Hindustan Methods

Mobile Keywords

Mobile users are often looking to make a quick decision and this needs to be reflected in your keyword selection. We often advise using action orientated keywords with strong calls to action. We also bear in mind that broad match keywords perform well when it comes to mobile campaigns.

Thanks to small screens and small buttons, mobile users also commonly mistype search queries which is why we allow close variants to help you reach as many searchers as possible.

Mobile Text Ads

Mobile users are often on the go, with the intention of taking immediate action, rather than simply browsing your site. We take this into consideration when creating your text ads, calling upon the help of our skilled copywriters to tailor your ads specifically for mobile searchers by using phrases such as “call now.”

Mobile Landing Pages

It is important to have mobile-optimised landing pages to ensure that mobile searchers have a good experience on your website. Our Google AdWords qualified professionals work together with our content teams to make sure your landing pages are lightweight and load quickly, are direct and concise and include the relevant information about your company such as address and contact number.