Instagram Management

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. What’s more, it is processed 60,000 times faster, so if you want to leave your audience with an immediate and powerful message, Instagram might be the social media network for you.

Why Use Hindustan?

When a multi-billion dollar brand like Facebook takes an interest in your business, you know you must be doing something right. Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has gone from strength to strength, amassing an impressive 500 million active monthly users by the end of 2018. Put simply, if you’re not amongst this group, one of your competitors will be.

As a photo and video sharing app, Instagram is understandably best suited to those with a particularly visual offering. Fashion and beauty industries work incredibly well, but there is plenty of scope for lots of different sectors if you’re creative enough. It also helps to have a young audience, with the average Instagram user between 15 and 35 years old.

Whilst there are other picture based social networks, what really sets Instagram apart is the beauty of the image itself. More than just sharing photos of products, it’s essential to make use of filters to create the most aesthetically pleasing shots, if you want to resonate with this audience.

Aside from being an extremely fast growing network in its own right, Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012, adding extra weight to its value as a marketing tool. In a similar way to how Google Plus content can boost your SERPs, being present on Instagram is only going to help your Facebook visibility.

                                          Hindustan Methods

Create content

We can’t stress enough the importance of appearances when it comes to Instagram. Our social and design teams work closely together to make sure your brand is sharing really striking and original images.

It’s not all about the visual though, and that’s a mistake many make. Ensuring you display the right product information and URLs is a must, as is recognising the right hashtags to use.

Build followers

They say flattery will get you anywhere and this couldn’t be more true within Instagram. People love to be followed by brands they recognise, and research shows it’s really effective for getting the most out of your followers, as well as building up a large and engaged following yourself.

Our social team will seek out the most relevant and potential valuable users for your brand.

Heighten visibility

Whatever network you use, one of the best things about social media is its ability to dramatically increase your overall exposure. Naturally, as the Instagram user base continues to expand, you become just one of an infinite number of contributors, which is why it’s so important to work with someone who knows exactly what to post and when, in order to gain the visibility you desire.

Create brand advocates

Social media has the ability to not only increase your exposure in front of people who could potentially become customers, but develop a trust and understanding that leads to people endorsing not only your products, but you as a brand too.