Google Adwords Management

Google AdWords is a notoriously complicated platform which is why you need someone experienced ready to take full advantage of every available feature.


                                         Why Use Hindustan?

Our Approach to Google AdWords Management

Google is by far the largest search engine covering approximately 90% of all India searches and its auction-based online advertising program is a great way of capturing your audience when they search for phrases or browse websites with themes relevant to your business.

To take advantage of such a valuable tool you need experience and expertise. Our Google AdWords Qualified professionals have both, creating successful paid search campaigns for clients from all different industry backgrounds.

When you come to Hindustan Digital Media we assign you your own dedicated account manager most suited to your business, who will structure your campaign based on your individual requirements.

Successful Google AdWords Techniques

Throughout every campaign we work with the goal of improving your return on investment.

One way we do this is by taking advantage of the different features available. Google AdWords is always introducing and developing new features, particularly over the past year or so, which is why our Qualified experts explore and utilising these, taking care to follow best practice at all times.

Because Google AdWords marketing can also be used to reinforce other marketing channels, both online and offline, our paid search specialists work closely with all other departments to make sure the work they carry out complements your other services.

Our priority lies in improving the performance of your Google AdWords account month per month. As well as conducting text ad split testing on a regular basis, we continue to adjust your CPCs to make sure your ads appear in the most profitable positions.

                                    Hindustan Methods


The first step with any new account is to research potential keywords, using industry insights and competitor analysis to select potential search terms before confirming these with you

Account Structure

Following extensive research as well as several discussions with the client we get to work defining daily budgets for clicks, configuring campaign settings such as location targeting and ad scheduling before creating relevant text ads for each group. At this stage we also think about creating and applying relevant ad extensions.

Remarketing Campaigns

Put simply, remarketing is about targeting those who have already visited your site so we advise you on things like adding remarketing script to your website, configuring Google Remarketing lists and setting up Google Display Remarketing campaigns.