Facebook PPC Management

Why not combine the social benefits of Facebook with the instant impact of paid advertising?

Why Use Hindustan?

Why use Facebook PPC Marketing

You know how important social media is for your business, you may also understand the benefits of paid search advertising but have you ever thought about combining the two?

Facebook has more than 1 billion users worldwide, with an impressive 33 million active users in the India alone. It’s a global platform that allows you to reach a broader audience than ever before, allowing you to unite the benefits of social media with those of paid search advertising.

Whilst Facebook PPC is not as complex a platform as Google AdWords, it is still essential to have the right expertise when it comes to building a campaign. That’s where we can help. Our specialists help you produce an effective landing page strategy, produce engaging ads and tracking and monitoring the success of these.

Our Approach to Facebook PPC

Facebook recently announced that the average post only reaches around 16% of followers. With Facebook PPC you can increase this. These ads achieve higher click through rates and are seen by more of your users around the clock, instead of being buried by other content.

Despite its many benefits, Facebook is a network notoriously hard to break through initially. Unlike Twitter where the sharing of content has a snowball effect, traditionally Facebook ads are only seen by those already following you. With Facebook PPC marketing however, you can choose to share your ads with just fans, just non-fans or both if you prefer.


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Target the Most Relevant Users

Part of the success of Facebook PPC marketing is that you can target who sees your ads by demographic. It enables you the power to target your ideal prospects by sorting by age, gender, interests and even relationship status. Not only does this get the best results but it’s also the most cost-effective approach.

As Facebook PPC marketing is still a relatively new venture, it is one still rather unexplored by most businesses. By allowing our specialists to handle your campaign you can overtake your competitors and become a leader within your industry.

Benefit your Other Marketing Efforts

Our social media and paid search departments work closely together to make sure we create the most effective ads that spark a reaction amongst your readers. We work with the aim of reaching new people whilst maintaining the interest of those who have already followed you.

Using Facebook PPC marketing can also benefit your other marketing efforts, so we draw upon the talents of our entire team to make sure we carry out the most successful campaign possible. As usual we welcome your involvement and there will always be a dedicated account manager on hand to speak to.