Conversion Rate Optimisation

The key priority to any marketing venture is increasing sales and enquiries. We can optimise every single area of your paid search campaign to make sure you’re getting the best possible return on your investment.

                                     Why Use Hindustan?

Why Conversion Rate Optimisation is Important

Whilst pay per click advertising is undoubtedly one of the fastest and most effective ways of directing traffic towards your site, it is also amongst the most expensive. That’s why optimising your conversion rates is so important; simple changes can improve sales, leads and enquiries without the need to expand your budget.

At Hindustan Digital Media, all the work we carry out is focused around increasing your conversions, and this includes paid search advertising- after all, the primary aim of your campaign is to generate a profitable outcome for your company. This is why we place great importance on testing everything from your ads themselves to your landing pages, keyword selection and check out process.

How We Can Boost Your Sales & Enquiries

Conversion rate optimisation is becoming more of a priority for companies of all different sizes. It can have a dramatic impact on the overall success of your business, so it makes sense to pay attention to the smaller details that could double sales and triple enquiries whilst maintaining your outgoings.

Our Google AdWords Qualified Professionals are highly experienced across a range of industries and understand precisely what is needed to turn your visitors into paying customers.

Thanks to the substantially higher share of the search market, they will be focusing most of their efforts on Google AdWords, however, a small portion of your budget will normally be allocated to Bing Ads. That’s because in many cases, visitors from Bing Ads have a tendency to convert better.

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Landing Pages

Naturally, your landing pages will play a big part in whether any given visitor from your paid search ads converts or not. As such, we always ensure that your landing pages are attractive, highly relevant and optimised to encourage conversion. We’ll also advise on landing page split testing to establish which are your best converting landing pages and use this to improve the others.

Ad Text

Of course for people to actually visit your site in the first instance, your ads need to be compelling. To make sure your campaign is converting as well as possible, our qualified experts will be focusing on creating the most engaging titles and strongest calls to action, whilst regularly split testing all ad copy to make sure your ads are always performing to their highest potential.

Keyword Selection

In order to keep costs to a minimum and conversion rates as high as possible, we’ll also be monitoring your search query reports, so we can expand your campaign whilst also filtering out irrelevant traffic.