Content Marketing

Your content is what can turn visitors to your website into paying customers. Is your content doing everything it can?

                           Why Use Hindustan Services?

Our Approach to Content Marketing


All content is a reflection of your brand which is why it is so important to make sure that every blog, article and webpage created for your company is written to the highest quality, representing your brand values and portraying the right message.

Writing for SEO purposes adds another dimension to the task, with the need to impress both human users and search engines. This is especially important in the wake of Google’s most recent algorithm change, Hummingbird, as well as updates Penguin and Panda, which demand the flow of natural sounding, original and interesting copy.

As well as producing website content that will help your website’s performance within the search engines, our experienced copywriters specialise in creating work designed to impress your visitors, building leads and enquiries whilst also improving your conversion rates.

Our Creative Methods

In addition to being the first point of contact with your audience, your website also relies upon its on-page content to keep your readers interested. To add a more personal touch to your copy, our talented copywriters get to work researching your customers, goods and competitors before they start typing a single word.

This ensures your users are presented with a concise and informative description of your services which informs, entertains and educates them about your brand, helping to build a loyal customer base. Our copywriters are experienced in writing for companies of different sizes and different industry backgrounds, and can provide a combination of blogs, articles, press releases, editorials and website pages that best suit the needs of your company.

We also focus on distributing this content through the most relevant and authoritative third party sites to increase the exposure of each piece.


                          Hindustan Methods

Blogs and Articles

When it comes to both SEO and user experience, articles and blogs have endless benefits. Interactive blogs help build a closer, more personal relationship with your visitors, whilst regularly updating your website with fresh content. Our copywriting team can maintain your blog, discussing industry related topics and company news as well as advice, tips and ideas.

Articles distributed through third party websites expand your reach, boosting the popularity of your site. Our writers cover a range of topics, producing well researched articles and seeking out the most relevant and authoritative homes for your new content.

Website Copy

In the absence of a physical store with sales staff approaching your customers, your website copy is responsible for convincing your visitors that your company is the best choice for the service or goods they are looking for.

Sufficient levels of interesting, engaging and most importantly, original content, will also see your site favoured by the search engines.

Press Releases

Press releases are still a crucial element within any marketing campaign. Our team create and submit your press releases using a huge range of distribution sites, many of which will deliver your news directly to the most relevant market sectors, to ensure your story reaches the largest audience possible. Our writers can share updates within your company or respond to the latest industry news, selecting timely and popular topics that are most likely to attract high attention.