Affiliate marketing is expected to be worth an impressive Rs. 2.7 billion by 2018. Do you want to miss out on an increasingly valuable form of marketing?

                                 Why Affiliate Marketing?

Regardless of the industry you sit within, your core objectives will be the same; increase leads, reach new customers and grow your business online. Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective way of achieving all these goals.

In its simplest terms, affiliate marketing is a process where a website owner displays advertisements on their site for a business or brand, receiving a commission for every visit which results in a conversion. It’s a way of marketing that’s completely tailored to your business needs; you set your own commission structure to control your spend and you only pay for results.

Managed well, affiliate marketing not only increases sales but can transform awareness of your brand around the web. For smaller businesses with limited resources, the concept of paying only when you receive results is obviously a welcomed benefit. For corporate brands, it comes with the potential of unlocking a completely new audience.

Reach a New Audience

To make a real impact you need to work with a high number of affiliates, but managing these separately simply isn’t feasible. Contacting, tracking and liaising with each individual affiliate doesn’t fit with time or budget constraints which is why it makes sense to work through an affiliate network. We can manage this network for you.

We understand that the prospect of handing over the reputation of your brand to other websites can be daunting. After all you’ve worked hard to establish a clear message, the way you want your brand to be perceived. That’s why your affiliate programme needs to be managed in such a way that your reputation is maintained.

At Hindustan Digital Media we have developed strong working relationships with the India’s major affiliates and affiliate networks giving us the depth of experience necessary to make your campaign work.

Why Hindustan Digital?

Establishing a trusted network of affiliates forms the framework for any successful campaign. It’s also something that comes with experience. At Hindustan Digital Media we draw upon our experience across a number of networks to find the right affiliates for your individual business.

Not known for resting on our laurels we’re always recruiting new affiliates as well as focusing our attention on those we already have. The way we see it, the more an affiliate knows about you and your customers the more effectively they can promote your products. We also concentrate on affiliates who aren’t performing, offering advice and resources to increase their activity and of course, your revenue.

Something else that sets us apart from other affiliate marketers is that we focus on both high and low performing affiliates to increase their activity and therefore improve programme performance. We also make sure all affiliates are vetted before being allowed to join the network, to maintain quality and control.

Our Methods

Once we’ve targeted the right networks, we focus on account set up, taking care of all aspects of network management, including regularly monitoring what your affiliates are up to.

Then we focus on the right creative aspects of your campaign, whether this is banners, HTML email design or content, ensuring all affiliate guidelines are adhered to and strong call to actions are always included.

We also place a strong emphasis on transparent reporting. The success of any campaign should be measured against your objectives which is why we drill right down to the specifics to show you precisely how your campaign is doing with regular updates.